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A Technology-AEC blended platform in a pay-per-use subscription model
livBIM, a patented product, is a construction management platform designed to make construction simple & efficient.

The problem: In the AEC industry, low investment on technology to improve operational process results in 35% of man-hours spent on unproductive activities, caused due to waiting time, paper documentation and record-keeping, misalignment and miscommunication on project site.

How can livBIM help?

Allows robust process controls, automated notifications and integration of the various stages of construction from planning, construction to handover.

Digitizes all site processes to improve the time, coordination, collaboration safety and quality aspects of a construction project.

Integrating offsite and onsite team member on a single platform, providing real-time site activities status update on a single platform to eliminate misalignment and miscommunication among stakeholders.

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livDES is a design automation tool that helps manage BIM models, people and processes to achieve organizational goals and improve overall performance.

The Problem: Over 90% of the design firms globally, struggle to adopt latest technologies to design better because of inaccessibility (exposure and unaffordability (training + cost of the software)

How can livDes help?

Allows designers to work better through an automated platform which brings ease of adoption at an affordable price.

Delivers the best design by eliminating the unnecessary effort in technology and people coordination to run an efficient system.

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livFAB is pre-fabricated construction. Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) that goes into high quality products which can be efficiently managed off-site.

The Problem: There is low adoption of the concept of ‘modular construction’ due to the struggle of conducting financial and logistic feasibility of this solution on their existing design.

How can livFAB help?

Empowering developer and designer to analyse modular construction adoption benefit study with ease and speed.

Integrate the onsite and offsite construction processes and stakeholders on the digital platform to eliminate misalignment and miscommunication problem.

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